New Sanctuary Coalition

Keeping families together and advocating against deportations

Who Is NSC

Founded in 2007, New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC) is a multi-faith immigrant-led organization that creates support systems for and empowers those navigating the immigration system. We do this by bringing together citizen volunteers and immigrants – our Friends – to achieve two primary goals: equip Friends with the knowledge they need to navigate the immigration system and lead the movement, and train and mobilize citizens and faith leaders to support and fight alongside our Friends, advocating for urgently needed changes to the system.

NSC’s grassroots programs are designed to shine a light on and disrupt the systems that criminalize immigrants’ existence. Core programs include the pro se immigration clinic, accompaniment, anti-detention, and community organizing and advocacy.


  • No deportations
  • No person is illegal
  • Asylum is a human right
  • Open borders
  • Abolish ICE


  • Do no harm
  • No judgment 
  • Respect

Meet the Staff

Ravi Ragbir
Executive Director
Antero Barrantes Rivas
Outreach Coordinator
Rev. Micah Bucey
Multi-Faith Coordinator
Linda Chavez
Senior Clinic Coordinator
Dena Fisher
Administrative Coordinator/ Intern Coordinator
Andres Jimenez
Anti-Detention and Bond Coordinator
Amy Kantrowitz
Volunteer Coordinator
Marty McConnell
Development Advisor
Arlender Nuñez
Miguel Orea
Clinic Coordinator
Meryl Ranzer
Media & Campaign Coordinator
Judith Sanchez
Finance Assistant
Edwin Tineo
Will Zentmyer
Care Coordinator and Intern Supervisor

New Sanctuary Coalition

239 Thompson St.

New York, NY 10012