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Debora Barrios is a young woman with a dream, and two United States citizen children with dreams of their own. She is also a member of the New Sanctuary Coalition family, and part of your community. Debora has been forced to take physical sanctuary in order to keep her family safe and united. New Sanctuary Coalition calls on Thomas Decker, Field Office Director DHS/ICE New York, to exercise his discretion and grant Debora a stay of deportation. Will you join the rolls? Will you stand with Debora, and say Let Them Stay? 

Here are two things you can do

  • Sign the petition! Debora wrote the following petition telling her story and asking for your support. Please read it, sign it, share it. #Stand with Debora. #LetThemStay. Sign here


  • Call on ICE Thomas Decker and ICE agents have refused to grant Debora the Stay of Deportation that would allow her to safely return to her family and community. We respectfully ask that they reconsider. Please reach out and add your voice. Please be polite, we are simply asking that they do the right thing.

Use these three phone numbers:  646-488-1423 and 212-264-5316 and 212-264-4195.  These phone numbers were given out as work related numbers.  The first number tends to be answered by an ICE Officer.  The second and third  tend to go to voice mail. Please use some version of the following:

Hi my name is _________________________.  I am calling from __________________________ and the New Sanctuary Coalition on behalf of, Debora Barrios.  I would like for you to approve her application to Stay in the U.S. while her attorneys wait to hear back from USCIS regarding her pending applications. 

I am urging you to do the right thing and approve her Stay application. 

Or:  Hi, my name is____________________.  I am a friend of Debora Barrios and the (New Sanctuary Coalition/St Paul and St. Andrew Church)…

After you have made your call, please let us know how it went by completing this short survey. You can complete the survey once for each call. Thank you for working to end the inhumane treatment of our immigrant friends and family members. 


New Sanctuary Coalition

239 Thompson St.

New York, NY 10012


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