New Sanctuary Coalition

Keeping families together and advocating against deportations

jericho walk

Through the Jericho Walk, faith leaders, immigration activists, and community members march in silence and pray outside 26 Federal Plaza in solidarity with individuals and families whose basic humanity is being denied by our unjust and immoral immigration systemThough we walk in silence, our actions speak to the injustices that our communities face.

Every Thursday

11 AM at 26 Federal Plaza

This building houses the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices and immigration courts. It is a site of extreme trauma for immigrant communities. Those in removal proceedings have had to face the immigration judges in court knowing that they'll be given an order of removal and be deported. All our brothers and sisters who come into this building face the fear that they can be picked up and taken away from their families at any time. During the march, we walk in prayerful silence and pause at the front of the building where we raise our hands in prayer.

Though we walk in silence, our actions speak to the injustices that our communities face.

We call today for a system that:

  • puts an end to the detentions and deportations that shatter immigrant lives and families
  • protects the rights of all workers, immigrant and non-immigrant alike
  • enshrines the shared values of our faith communities and our nation at large: the values of justice compassion, kindness and generosity
  • gives immigrant communities the right to remain with their families, with their communities, in their schools, and in their places of worship


New Sanctuary Coalition

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