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# ICE Raids

We're asking congregations in the NYC area to commit to Short-Term Sanctuary.

"Short-Term Sanctuary" means that you will:
  1. Display the attached "S" symbol in your windows, on your doors, and on your church signs, so that Friends who are looking for a safe space in your neighborhood can find your building and know that they can come inside and be shielded from ICE.
  2. Equip your congregation with the attached "How to be a Buddy" cards and educate your congregation in what they mean.
  3. Offer the "Beyond Your Rights" and "I Know My Rights!" cards to any Friend who seeks safe space at your church.
  4. Be willing to shelter Friends who come to your space for a day or two (short-term, not long-term), while you contact New Sanctuary Coalition at 908-791-5309, so that we can help them with longer-term arrangements, legally and beyond.
  5. Consider the more expansive packet "How to Be a Sanctuary Congregation," with understanding that "Short-Term Sanctuary" is all your congregation is committing to in this immediate moment.
What is Short-Term Sanctuary?
Taking Sanctuary in a house of worship may be useful for a short time (a few hours, one day, or an overnight stay) to help the immigrant feel safe and become calm rather than panicked, and to get information on what to do next so they can make good plans. This usually happens in the event of immigration raids or acts of hate occurring in the area. Immigrants also face day-to-day struggles that faith communities should be ready to address through short-term sanctuary.

Resources (will open in a new tab):

Sanctuary S:

How to be a Buddy:
Beyond Your Rights:
I Know My Rights:


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