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Prepare for ICE Raids

Report a Raid

If you hear of a raid, immediately call us so that we may take action:
646-395-2925 | [email protected]

ICE raids have escalated in our immigrant communities. As immigrants and allies, it's up to all of us to be vigilant and understand the ways we can help advocate for families by disseminating useful information and protecting each other.

Everything presented here is based on this country’s constitutional rights, which everyone, regardless of status, is entitled to, whether you have documents or not.

Prepare in Advance

If you think you or your family/friends may be targets of an ICE raid or worry about an encounter with law enforcement, DO THESE THINGS NOW!

Carry The Rights Card

Print out or copy down this card. Then add in the contact information of your attorney, your church, or anyone who might be able to help you in the event that you encounter ICE. If you are a member of The New Sanctuary Coalition, you can use the name and telephone of our organization.

Carry this card with you at all times. Have extra copies in your home. In case of an encounter with ICE or law enforcement, you can hand them this card in order to exercise your rights and protect yourself.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Your passport, privacy waiver, power of attorney, deeds or ownership documents. Ideally, leave these with someone like your attorney, advocate, or a trusted friend or family member who will keep them safe.

Know Your Sanctuary Sites

Find out where the sanctuary spaces are in the neighborhood where you live and work. In case you hear of a raid, the safest space is not the home or workplace but a church or other business or organization that is known to be a sanctuary space. [link to the sanctuary map]

Set Up A Buddy System And Phone Tree

A 'Buddy' is a trusted friend, preferably a citizen who can advocate on your behalf, call people and take care of things in case you should need it. You should identify your buddies and make them part of a 'phone tree'. This is a network of allies who you can call in the event you are arrested or detained so that they can call others and come to help you in detention or in court. These can be members of a place of worship, friends, immigrant rights advocates and attorneys. The presence of a group in solidarity can help you emotionally and in the eyes of a witness or judge. Allies can also help you witness, document and record what happens during detention so the information can be used in court. Remember that detention is not the end of the story.

Build Community and Stay Organized

Tell your family, friends, and trusted neighbors to watch out for you and your home. Get in touch NOW with your local church or advocacy group and connect them with your family members, neighbors, or friends. Get your community behind you and make sure they know where you are, how to contact your loved ones in case something happens to you, and how your loved ones can get in touch with you.

Protect Your Family

If you have young children, put together a plan for who will take care of them when you are not at home and in case you are detained. Make plans with your whole family and your loved one in case you or they are detained. If necessary, put together the legal documents for child care and child support.

Other Things You Can Do:

  • Memorize the phone number for your attorney, your church, your local immigration advocacy group. Or, contact us for assistance: 646-395-2925 | [email protected]
  • Obtain contact information (e.g., phone numbers) for foreign consulates in your area.
  • Obtain contact information, including the phone number, of the local ICE detention center.
  • Write down (in English) any medications you are on or any other health problems you might have and keep that information with you, in case you need to give it to an ICE officer.
  • Find out where to obtain contact information for other detention centers in case detained people are transferred out of your local area.  (A list of ICE detention centers is available at


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