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Free Them All

We don’t have soap or cleaning supplies. We’re locked in for over 18 hours a day. We’re locked in rooms with people who are sick and have been in contact with people who've tested positive. We have no protection.


6 phones for 60 people and we’re only allowed to call during 3 hours a day so there’s always a crowd around the phones, they’re not cleaned or disinfected between calls. They tested a few people with symptoms but sent them back in with us before the results came back and won’t tell them what the results are.

I’m having chest pains I don't know what to do. Medical isn't doing anything. The staff don't care what happens to us. It's a few more people in here coughing and they still have them locked up in here with us. The unit flooded with brown water top and bottom floor and we were forced to clean it all with no protective gear. I need help...


As the country responds to COVID-19, each one of us is called to extend our compassion beyond our immediate orbit and remember those detained in jails and prisons across our nation. These human beings are being forced to live through this pandemic without proper healthcare, preventative equipment, or appropriate safety measures. Every day we hear from our Friends and their families about the horrific conditions, the terror of becoming sick and dying. 

New Sanctuary's work doesn't end with liberation -- we stay with our Friends as they fight their cases, receiving assistance through the pro se clinic and accompaniment program, building connections through the weekly community meeting, and getting linked to to health care, housing, and other kinds of support through our social work program.  

Friends in Detention

NSC's (anti)Detention program staff and volunteers work around the clock to help our detained Friends and their families resist despair and figure out ways to get them out of detention before the centers become death camps. When they can get bonds set but cannot afford to pay, we bond them out through the L.I.F.E. Bond Fund. Many bonds are being set as high as $15,000 to $20,000. 

Read the words, and listen to their voices.

We need your help to keep up this work -- please donate today

How you can help us advocate to #FreeThemAll:


Write to jails, bond network allies and Immigration Judges. 

Call jails and airlines.


Call jails and airlines.


Imprisoned minors cruelly separated from their immigrant parents remain in the custody of our ORR-funded facilities are now forced to confront this pandemic in captivity, without their families, separated from their loved ones who desperately wish to be reunited with them. 

We ask everyone to speak up for these children in captivity before further damage is done to their mental and physical health.

Volunteer with NSC remotely:

NSC staff are working night and day to #FreeThemAll and to support our Friends outside of detention as well. Volunteers are the backbone of this effort, and there are many ways to help out from the safety of your home. Click here to explore and sign up!

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