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It is difficult to believe all we see and hear about the relentless attacks that immigrant communities endure in our country, in our city, in our neighborhoods. It is difficult to imagine what it must feel like to live in constant terror of being separated from your family, whether at the border or because ICE picks you up on your way to drop your kids off at school. It is too easy to feel powerless and helpless when faced with reports of such monstrous, systemic injustice. This is by design. But you are not helpless. You are not powerless. 

If you are ready to convert your outrage and heartache to action, join the accompaniment program. We stand in solidarity with immigrants every day, witnessing and building community as a way to counteract a dehumanizing immigration system that thrives in the darkness. 

New Sanctuary Coalition's accompaniment program recruits and trains volunteers to accompany people facing deportation to their immigration hearings and ICE check-ins. This provides moral support to the person facing deportation and enables volunteers to hold immigration authorities accountable. Standing in solidarity with migrants facing deportation also demonstrates to immigration judges, ICE officers, and government attorneys that there is a community mobilized against their deportation. 

How does it work?  

Training consists of grounding the immigration system's present moment in its historical and political context, framing our work through NSC's founding principles, delving into the specifics of what our accompaniment work accomplishes, and outlining strategies for allyship in light of current threats to migrant communities. 

Once you're trained you become part of the accompaniment program. You'll learn about upcoming accompaniments and can sign up for time slots and locations that work for you. You'll also leave with resources, information and thought partnership for building a stronger network of allies in your community.  

Join us, sign up, show up, fight back. Choose a training below!

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