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246 for 2021 Campaign

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Throughout 2021, supporters of New Sanctuary Coalition will host 246 virtual events to build awareness of the work and raise funds as we prepare to take on a new year and a new administration.

Create your event today, and let us know what you’re planning! Just complete this brief form to let us know what you’re up to and how we can help.

Why 246?

Our Friends are fighting to remain in the U.S. with their families and communities. Whether they're fighting from inside detention or inside their homes, many are required to file ICE Form I-246 to stop their deportation or removal. 

Much as we hope to exceed the goal of 246 virtual events, we are committed to going beyond stopping deportations and ensuring that this new administration fundamentally dismantles and replaces our country’s current cruel, racist, unjust immigration system.

What qualifies as an event?

Sky’s the limit! Any safe gathering of individuals where information can be shared about New Sanctuary and attention drawn to the need for continued focus on immigration in 2021 qualifies!

How much money do I need to raise?
How do I handle donations?

Any amount counts! You can ask folks to pay a “ticket price” and then donate the total, ask guests to make donations through the web site, or email [email protected] to set up ticketing for your event through NSC’s eventbrite page.

Can I get some event ideas?

Here are a few to get you started…

  • Cocktails (or Mocktails) for a Cause – Are your friends looking for a reason to break out their cocktail attire and get together virtually? Use NSC as your excuse! Send out some festive beverage recipes and hop on a video party together, screen an NSC video and toast to better days to come for everyone.

  • Watch party of a New Sanctuary Academy event – As the host, you can screenshare one of the New Sanctuary Academy panels and lead a group discussion afterward.

  • It’s not trivial – Bring folks together for a virtual game night to benefit NSC!

  • Dance dance revolution – Set up a competition to see whose Spotify playlist gets the most votes from your crew and then get together for a Saturday night dance fest using that playlist as your soundtrack.

  • Each one teach one – What do you do really well that folks would want to learn, while also learning about NSC? Are you a master breadmaker, knitter, yoga teacher, birdwatcher? Consider hosting a class and spotlighting NSC to your guests.

One great way to think about this is to consider what you might already be doing and then involve NSC.

Maybe your book club would like to learn about NSC and make a group donation!

Your workout accountability group could run a virtual marathon to raise funds!

Your prayer circle might want to lift their hearts in support of our Friends! 

Get creative, have fun with it. 



email [email protected]


Links to materials for use in events:

NSC donation page

NSC introductory video

NSC videos

NSC overview PDF

New Sanctuary Academy 1: The Criminalization of Immigration

New Sanctuary Academy 2: The Racist History of Immigration Laws

New Sanctuary Academy 3: The Intersection of U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policies

2020 Year in Review

Need something else? Email [email protected] and let us know!

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